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Pink Peacock Solutions is a place where you can buy and sell pre-loved apparel.

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Sustainable Fashion

No doubt Corona crisis has put the world and businesses on a halt but it also has given all of us time to pause and reflect on our lives and future. We all can experience the fresher air around; the cleaner rivers and the beautiful nature which has rejuvenated  in just 10 days of lock-down. Amidst the chaos, it does coax us to reflect on the lifestyle choices. Fashion experts openiate that post this crisis there would be a significant drop in the madness fast fashion was and the world will explore the new facets of sustainable fashion.

But does that mean we would cut down on our styling and trends? Well sustainability and fashion can get along and if you intend to do your bit for the planet here are few ways how:


  1. Know your style and buy better:
    What’s this frenzy about buying in every sale and everything that’s on the rack. Stop and first know what is actually your style and what are the kind of clothes which you will actually wear. What do I mean? Let us be honest- 70% of all our wardrobes are never even worn, we just become a target of the amazing marketing the stores and brands lure us with. Knowing your style helps you to choose better and amp up your looks and not be overwhelmed with the clothes you don’t really need. Also try buy more organic textiles like cotton linen etc, they are classy chic and planet friendly.
  2. Make some space:
    Like I mentioned earlier 70% of our wardrobes we don’t even wear anymore. There can be apparels which don’t fit you anymore, or you have worn too many times or you have grown bored of. Don’t just Hoard them- Rent them or Resale. It has many benefits . First the cash!! You can now rent or resale your garments/apparels on sites like Pink Peacock Solutions and can actually make some money on that lehenga or sherwani you have never worn or that hand bag you will never use again.Secondly, that dress which you bought with so much love, and just fell out of love . It can have a love story with someone else instead of dying its slow death languishing at the back of your wardrobe. It’s your choice.
  1. Buy second hand products or rent :You know that lehenga that you are buying for your sister’s wedding- you will never ever wear again or that pre wedding gown will be just a space eater. Rent such clothes, so that not only you save money, you also get to wear new ones every time, every occasion. Visit Pink Peacock Solutions to rent or buy second hand . And trust me there are tons of almost fresh pieces of belts, bags jewelry or clothes which you can just buy second hand instead of emptying your wallet buying fresh. Remember your choice of sustainable fashion  makes the planet a better place to live.
  2. Boycott the bad boys:
    Around the world people have realized the importance of being environmentally responsible and choosing environmentally responsible brands. Why should we ignore this. The internet is flooded with articles about brands like ZARA and H&Ms of the world degrading the planet with their fast fashion strategies. Choose the brands who are more environment friendly organic and local. Choose more of local hand crafted garments and textiles. Home grown sustainable fashion is always beautiful and trendy.

Do share your opinion about what do you think about fashion and sustainability. And how do you think we can remain trendy while being sustainable. Comment below! and share this to spread awareness

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