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Go carefree with your makeup this Monsoon. Makeup tricks to have a magical monsoon.

Most of you may be pretty careful about your skin care routine. But while you may have very specific skin care treatments for the summers and winters, one season where we do not pay much attention to detail is monsoon. Monsoon is a time when our skin experiences various problems. It is a time when you experience severe humidity, sweat, grime and heat as well as dampness and moisture. With the constant change in temperature and weather, your skin is constantly getting affected. Here are few makeup tips:


It is better not to use foundation during monsoon unless you want to get caught in a messy position. Instead of using foundation try to use foundation.


Use powder only sparingly just so much that is necessary to remove the grease off your face and nose.


While using mascaras and eyeliners select water resistant types only, do not use kajal/kohl during monsoon.



Since creams can melt off your face during monsoons, stick to powder formulas. Think sheer and pastel, shades of brown, pink & beige are just right for easy maintenance in the rains.



Apply blush lightly – it looks prettier when you can’t tell that you are wearing it.


Keep up with your tweezing / threadings but yeah forget your eyebrow pencils for the season. So you can just put a little hair gel onto your brow brush and keep your eyebrows in shape.


Use the long lasting colour-stay, and avoid the creamy and glossy ones and go for the powder matte tones.


During the monsoon your hair is in total mess. Follow these tips to get a tangle free, clean and healthier hair:
• Don’t use hair sprays and gels as the gums can stick to scalp and can cause dandruff.
• Use hot oil treatment, once in a week to avoid the hair problem.
• Long hair should be tied in the top knot while going outdoors.
• Dry massage the scalp with the fingertips to maintain blood circulations.

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