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Corona Crisis has wrapped the world in stand still. The count down of Corona lock down is in all our minds and we are all trying to make the best out of this quarantined stay home vacation. Let’s peep into the lives of some of our favorite celebrities and check out how our favorite celebrities are spending their Corona Quarantine time:


  1. Deepika Padukone:

    Deepika seems to be making the most out of her stay-cation. From cooking, to working out to label making to wardrobe management. She is inspiring all of us to complete all our chores which we have been avoiding for the longest time.  Ranveer is not very public about his quarantined life but it seems that the couple is having fun. If anyone wants to do wardrobe management like deepika here is a blog that can help you to do it better and make some money as well- Link

  2. Anushka Sharma:

    Everyone’s heart just throbs for this beautiful couple. You can sense their love even through your phone’s scree. The best post during the lock down was when Anushka was cutting Virat’s hair. There are many posts about how they are spending quality time with each other and are grateful for the safe and fulfilling life. Gratitude is actually one of the most important thing we all should practice during this time to see the silver lining. This time that we have got with our families, is unprecedented. Let’s get inspired from Anushka and Viraat and have some family Love time.

  3. Nushrat Baroocha :

    Speaking of family time, this photo shared by Nushrat makes all our hearts warm. She is spending time and living the life ” Old Ways” with her mother and grand mother. For many of you , who have not been able to spend much time with your grand parents, take this time and use it. If you are struggling with the ways to make this time into quality time, find out activities that you can do with your grand parents. You can do gardening, cooking, card games and much more with them. Doing an activity together just makes the whole time spent more beautiful.

  4. Alia Bhatt:

    It seems that the Bhatt sisters are having a blast in their new house. They recently shared a picture where Alia and Shaheen baked delicious banana bread and chocolate cake. Cooking and  food together with your loved ones is one of the most enjoyable experience. It’s said food connects people and hearts. In the fast paced world where we are used to food deliveries or frozen food or house help preparing our meals, this can be time where you put your love and affection in the food you eat and share the experience with your families.

  5. Twinkle Khanna:

    Our beloved funny bones had a leg injury and is on bed rest. While we can feel sorry for her, she on the other hand is making the most out of it by writing. Like she mentions, she doesn’t need legs to wonder around, her imagination is enough to take her around the world. She inspires all of us to stop looking at the constraints and restrictions and make most out of whatever you have got. and if you are thinking you haven’t got much – Look again. Your change of perspective will change your life.

  6. Shilpa Shetty:

    Shilpa Shetty is a greek goddess in terms of health and beauty. Although many of us are restless because of the gyms being closed or not being able to go out for runs Shilpa has shared various ways she has been keeping fit. From meditation in your house to yoga , she shares tips for everything. One special  fitness tip during this Quarantine time was to do house chores. It’s true, it not only helps you burn those calories but also will make your mother/wife happy that you have helped them

  7. Karisma Kapoor:

    Karisma kapoor has been promoting awareness about Corona during Quarantine time. This is something we all can do but there is a caution. During these troubled times its each one of our responsibility that we don’t spread fake or panic news. It just makes it difficult for the government and people around us to face these times. So ensure whatever news you are thinking of sharing on your whatsapp or insta- double check it from a trusted website or source. Just because your dearest friend has shared any news, doesn’t make it true- Please always check before sharing anything and make the world a happy place.


Do share how you are spending your quarantine time. share with the world if you have any new tip on how to stay positive and energetic during this time in comments below

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