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Pink Peacock Solutions is a place where you can buy and sell pre-loved apparel.

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This quarantine time is a perfect time to organize and de-clutter your wardrobe. Those over flooding wardrobes are not only a nightmare to manage but we end up not wearing the clothes which we might have and are buried under that dump. The first step to de-clutter is to remove the clothes that you don’t use anymore . Here is what you can do with those excess clothes in your wardrobe:

  1. Upcycle:
    There are those clothes which we do love still but either are out of trend or do not fit us anymore. They might be too dear to do away with as well. In this case you can try your hand at up-cycling. Whether turning a skirt into a plazzo or a sharara ( Link Here) or a kurti to a jacket (Link here) or an old blanket into table runner or mats( Link here) there are multiple things which you can do with your clothes. In fact the small trinklets of earrings or pendants or a top, you can use to decorate your storage box or wall( Link here). Such up-cycling Is not only interesting but also can help you re-decore your house in a beautiful way.
  2. Put them on Rent:Those heavy lehengas or gowns which you wear once a year or even less. Don’t stagnate them in fact use them as a source of income. Put them on rent. It not only helps you generate some easy cash but also is a sustainable way of fashion. You can list your clothes for rentals on Pink Peacock Solutions for free and start earning. You can now rent from or list your garments on rent on Pink Peacock Solution.
  3. Resale:
    Let’s be honest there must be those clothes or accessories which were your impulsive buys and you ended up wearing them once or not even that. Don’t throw those beauties away, instead sell them off. There is a huge market for second hand clothing especially vintage ones. So if you have a vintage piece which you are not going to wear. Don’t stock it , just sell. You can now post your clothes or accessories for resale on Pink Peacock Solutions. 
  4. Donate:
    Millions of people are in dire need of proper clothing, shelter and food. You can really make their lives a little better by donating your clothes to them. Just ensure you don’t end up donating ruined or torn pieces of clothing. Ensure the donations are in proper hygiene and conditions. Here are some NGOs to whom you can donate your clothes to. This way you just don’t de-clutter your wardrobe you also do a good deed.5. Use them as RIF-RAFs:

    Most of us can remember how our mothers used to use the old pillow cases, towels or shirts as cleaning clothes or rif-rafs in the house. It’s one of the best ways to recycle those clothes which have no alternate use. You are not using those towels but also saving on those environmentally unfriendly tissues and rolls. Take some inspiration from your mothers and start being smart and sustainable.

Now one of the major dilemma which we all will face is whether to do away with that garment or a bag or not. Well there is a golden rule: If you have not worn it in last 2 years, you wont wear it again. Use it point blank and avoid your dilemma. Don’t hold on to that dress which hasn’t fit you for years and you still hope that it will one day. Trust me even if you get into that shape , you would want buy newer clothes.

So go ahead, utilize your quarantine time , de-clutter and make the most of your wardrobe.

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