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About Pink Peacock Solutions

Pink Peacock Solutions is a place where you can buy and sell pre-loved apparel.

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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:30 Shop no 31, Kirti Nagar Market Tonk Road 8078626332 [email protected]


Shopping Questions

Will Pink Peacock buy my products?

No, Pink Peacock Solutions is just a listing platform where for a small fee you can list the products you intend to sell. We have a relevant audience who might be interested in buying your products, hence by listing you can have interested people inquiring and buying your products. Whether your product gets sold depends entirely on its quality, price, photo and need of the people.

How should I price my products?

The pricing is entirely the owner’s discretion. Although if you price your product too high the chances of it getting sold becomes less. One simple trick is to ask yourself if you were to buy it second hand how much will you be willing to shell out for that product. Be objective about the quality and state of the product while deciding the price.

What all do I need to disclose about the product?

The more detail about the product you share, the better it is for the buyer .The detail also helps in improving the possibility of selling your product. Try mentioning the size, brand, year of purchase, hoe often has the product been used, its state( Fresh/rugged/very old), any features(eg if its a top whether its padded or not) etc. The clearer and honest you are about the product the better is the chance of sale and lesser are the chances of return.

Do I have to get a professional shoot for the products?

Absolutely not. You can simply click the photos by your phone. Just try to click the picture in good light and against a plain background(to avoid noise in the photograph). Try to click at least 3-4 pictures of the product from different angels to give a wholesome feel of the product. If its a clothing apparel, try taking a picture wearing it to give a better idea about the structure and fit of the dress. If there is a damage in the product, please share that too for buyer to make an informed decision.

Miscelaneous Questions

How long my listing will be live?

When you list your product, its an annual fees for listing. So your product will be live for 1 year. If its sold then the listing gets removed or else once the year is completed you can simply renew it.

How can I donate my stuff? and what all can I donate?

You can donate anything you want(Non perishable) clothes, books, toys, equipment -Anything that you think can be of use to any under-privileged person. Just wrap it in a box and in the description of your donation box write the details of your donation. A relevant NGO will be connected which will pick the box from your doorstep and distribute it to the needy. Just make sure that what you are donating is in good health. Don’t donate ruined, spoiled or broken products.

How do I get orders?

Interested people will send enquiries directly to you and you can negotiate or talk to them directly

Who will bear the logistics and packaging?

Right now the inquiries on your product you will receive directly and hence you can communicate directly to the prospective buyers and hence deliver the products at your ease. Currently logistics and packaging is to be handled by you although eventually we will also enable logistics and packaging .

Do you have an subscription program?

Subscription program is going to be launched soon.

What can I resell?

Anything – Shoes, Lehenga, Suits, bags, jewelry, kids wear, men wear .Anything that is good shape and you don’t want to use anymore, you can put up for sale.

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