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About Pink Peacock Solutions

Pink Peacock Solutions is a place where you can buy and sell pre-loved apparel.

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This December I went overboard with my shopping and bought these gorgeous dresses for myself to attend my cousin’s wedding. After splurging almost all of my salary I realized that these Lehengas will have a destiny similar to the earlier ones!

They will never be worn again!

I just couldn’t help but thinking that if I just have to bury everything deep in my closet just after a single wear then what is the point of buying so many clothes ! Let’s be honest I am that person who loves to shop and generally I don’t feel guilty pampering myself with a “nice outfit. But it’s so hard to not feel guilty for purchasing something I know I’ll only wear once or twice.

The best thing happened when one of  my cousins told me that she simply rents away all her old clothes and suggested I do the same.

Although it was difficult to part with the clothes that I loved so much but I realized just seeing them hanging in the wardrobe is making no one’s life better. So one month after renting my old clothes I realized these things:


You do make extra cash! So the idea is to make money off renting and its the easiest money I ever made. The small cash flow really makes shopping for newer clothes easier and guilt free. Honestly, if you aren’t wearing your old clothes , you might as well make some money off them.



2. Wardrobe Managed well:)
I used to spent hours and hours managing my wardrobe. And more often than not never found the right thing to wear because  it was buried under piles and piles of clothes. When I got rid of my unused clothes I could manage my wardrobe so easily and now I almost always find the right dress in the wardrobe without crying my eyes out!



3. A good Deed

If all my pre-loved clothes are used by someone helping her to make a precious memory in an affordable way then why not! I was just happy when a couple of people shared their beautiful pictures on PinkPeacock’s Instagram Handle in my dresses leaving me with a subtle feel good factor!


Genuinely If any one of you is feeling anything similar towards your unused closet I would just say. Problem Solved: Rent Your Clothes!

It’s a refreshing and innovative idea that is being adopted by many people. This is one of the trendiest ideas on which I am genuinely drooling over.  



You can fill in the form or call 8078626332 to rent your clothes with Pink Peacock Solutions.


So what are you waiting for! Start renting your dresses and start having fun!!

















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