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Perfect Weddings, Perfect attires – PinkPeacock

Perfect Weddings, Perfect attires


Of course wedding is the most important day in anyone’s life and there can be no compromise on the way one looks but does buying a Lehnga for 50-60 k for one time wear(Let’s face it! You will never wear it again) makes any sense?

Well of course! One wants to look perfect for that day and that’s something one can’t compromise with!!!

What if you get best of both worlds!!
Yes it’s possible!

Possible with PinkPeacock

PinkPeacock is the omni-solution for all your wardrobe troubles. The platform aggregates the trendiest boutiques around the city and provides their collection for Rent and Sale at affordable range!

You can visit to look at their collection which they revive weekly! You can also call 8078626332

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