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Pink Peacock Solutions is a place where you can buy and sell pre-loved apparel.

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Are you obsessing over your newly purchased piece of fashion that you’ve been eyeing for a long time? You’re convinced that it is the holy grail of fashion, like you thought cold shoulder tops were.

Think again!Trends come and go like seasons. The fashion world is volatile than ever and no matter how good you look in them they’ll be out of fashion sooner than you realize. The answer to this millennial problem is renting.

Renting is the future of fashion and here are the reasons why:

1. Make smart investments:

Would you rather see you money hanging in your closet or invested in the right securities. The fashion world today is so volatile that trends go out of fashion within months. People are becoming more and more fashion conscious because of social media, and you cannot easily get away with wearing old trends. So investing in expensive trendy clothing is not the smartest option. Renting helps you keep up with the trends in less than half the cost and you can do those coveted travel trips or hangouts which you don’t because of budgets.Or simple save!

2. The environmental Issue

Fashion industry is the second most water polluting industry in the world. Besides this primary pollution, more than 15 million tons of clothing ends up in landfills every year. We look to the fast fashion industry to keep up with trends and the environment ends up with paying a huge price for our cheap clothes. Renting stops this process of producing and dumping clothes and creates a sustainable cycle of using and returning.Your fashion lifestyle can actually help improve the world.

3. Closet space

The movies might have made the extravagant walk-in closet your dream. But you’ll soon learn that it is not very practical. Even if you are a one of those people who feel good when they see their closet full of variety of clothing (even if they are never actually worn), closet space at some point of time will become an issue. People are actually moving towards the minimalistic closet to free themselves from clutter, both physical and mental. Renting helps you tackle this issue smoothly as you return the clothing after and simply replace them.

4. Occasion wear

Let’s be honest, we all realize that occasion wear is a waste of money. They are expensive but unavoidable. You need to look your best at important occasions like weddings, parties and festivities so you buy them and keep them in your closet for years because of guilt of spending so much. They are hardly ever worn again because of the fear of repetition and their designs going out of fashion. Renting is a very practical solution when it comes to occasion wear, as it helps you avoid repetition and saves your money.

So thinking of giving it a try? Try renting with Pink Peacock Rentals .They have a wide range of lehengas, Indo-westerns, Fusion wear and what not. Just try renting and enjoy.

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