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About Pink Peacock Solutions

Pink Peacock Solutions is a place where you can buy and sell pre-loved apparel.

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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:30 Shop no 31, Kirti Nagar Market Tonk Road 8078626332 [email protected]

Click, Upload and Sell your old clothes!

1. Choose Products

Select Apparel

Check your wardrobe and take out the things you don’t use anymore and are still in good shape &  more importantly you are willing to sell. It can be lehenga, dresses, accessories, sherwani, kids’ wear & so on

2. Take Images

Take Images from all sides

Take 3-4 images showing all sides of the product. If it is clothing preferably wear it and click. You can click it using a phone too, Good lighting is the key

3. Upload, List and Pay

Upload List &Pay

Register and start listing your products. Each listing is Rs 20. List them and pay the equivalent amount and start getting enquiries.


That the dress is in good condition & no damages

That pictures taken are in good light, clear & full

That there are 3-4 images(all sides) of each product

That price is Affordable. Better price, better it sells

That product description is detailed and full


Key Points

  • We are a listing platform. We help buyers connect to you. We don’t buy your clothes.
  • Per product listing is be 20/-, valid for 6 months or until sold
  • Depending on your pre-loved apparel, its condition, images & prices you will receive direct enquiries on your product listing
  • The listings will be live for an year or until the product is sold
  • Detail process mail will be sent to you when you finish your listings
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