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Recently, I tried something new and rented my lehenga for  the very first time. I loved the whole experience and would definitely do it again. Here are seven reasons why you should rent your lehenga.

Rent lehenga

1. It saves money: I’ve had a walk-in my closet, it was large enough to hold all of my clothes. I always prefer quality over quantity philosophy when it comes to clothes. But, purchasing a quality lehenga can be really expensive, and that’s  before the cost of accessories. Using Pink Peacock, I was able to rent a 23000 INR   lehenga for just 4000INR, so I was able to wear something  of my price range for a friend’s wedding, and I felt reasonably certain, that I would not be dressed the same as anyone else at that wedding. Pink Peacock has a store at Tonk Road, Jaipur so I was able to try on a beautiful lehenga  and then arrange to have it shipped to me two days before the wedding, allowing time to see if something was wrong with the lehenga or it didn’t fit.

2. Styles change:A years ago when I was shopping in Jaipur, I fell in love with a gorgeous anarkali kurti. I just couldn’t spend the money on it though because I knew that it would get outdated very quickly. Plus I knew there was going to be a sale in that store, the very next month. While I felt perfectly fine in a knee length kurti the trends were set on floor length kurtis that time.  And, while I chose a tasteful strapless style, but I was sure I couldn’t wear it in any of my family functions.



Rent lehenga

3. Your size changes :Getting the right fit choli is a difficult task in itself and god forbids if you gain some weight after some time, getting the same beautiful look that you spent so much on, is next to impossible through alterations also. Last year in my brother’s wedding I tried to alter this lehenga I was in love with. Just like anyone of you I tried going to a nearby boutique , and not only I ended up spending a lot  on that also got my lovely lehenga ruined. I think in that amount I could have rented two lehengas easily.

4.You won’t need it again:My sister got married over 4 years ago and I still have my indowestern dress in my closet. It is pink

5. You don’t want to repeat:If you happen to look different and fashionable at every other wedding, so you don’t necessarily want to repeat the same lehenga year after year. And, perhaps you want to see some variety in your photos.


6. You don’t have room in your closet:Back to the closet again. Why take up precious space with dresses that you might wear once a year and never again anymore!!Just rent them with Pink Peacock .

7.You don’t want to move it:
We all have special items that we don’t want the movers to touch. And, if you paid a lot of money for a lehenga, you’re probably going to worry about it making its way to a different events unharmed. I felt tremendous relief when I dropped my lehenga off at Pink Peacock. I know that next time I need a lehenga, I can choose something new, exciting, and extravagant.



                        Would you ever consider renting a lehenga???


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