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Every trend has an expiry date. And when it comes to the fashion world the trends are more disposable than any other industry. In fashion trends come and go like seasons. Or with seasons. Some ultra-trendy piece you bought today will be unfashionable in a span of a few months. Trends are most unpredictable in the fashion industry. We’ve witnessed trends like velvet and cold shoulders- arrive, leave, then come back again and leave again. This might leave you confused about what to invest in and what not to? So dive in to find out the trends that will last this season only and how to escape this cycle of trends fashionably.

1. Drapes

This trend of drapes has been very popular lately, especially in ethnic wear. Gowns or sarees or even lehengas can be seen in Drape patterns. This trend can be seen dotting the Indian wedding scene. But who knows they will be dotting the next wedding season or not?Find latest drape styles on rent at


2. One-shoulder

One shoulder Lehenga

One shoulder Lehenga

One shoulder was the trend of the 90’s. This Bollywood trend returned this year in the form of one-shoulder crop tops, bralettes, ethnic blouses, gowns and dresses. This could just be another retro trend that has returned to ultimately go back.

3. Feathers

There was a time when feathers were considered a luxurious accessory and used widely by Hollywood celebrities. This year had seen this long abandoned fashion trend return in innovative ways. Feather accessories like earrings and bags are very popular along with clothing items like feather jackets, dresses and tops. Who knows how long until this trend might be abandoned again.

4. Ruffles and Frills


Ruffles and frills might be one of the most popular trends right now. They add an element of fun to outfits, be it western wear like ruffle tops or dresses or ethnic wear like ruffle lehengas and sarees. But it is doubtful that they will be as popular next year.

5. Dhoti dresses

Fusion trends are trickier. The heart of fusion fashion is experimentation and fresh inventions, so they last for even shorter periods. Just when you feel bold enough to finally go for a fusion trend they might be gone already. So is the latest trend of dhoti dresses popularized by Indian celebrities.


6. Floral Patterns 

Florals are a symbol of romance and they are all over the runways . And they`re coming back

Fashion trends can be tricky and can leave you exhausted if you try hard to catch up with them. The simple solution to this is the emerging trend of renting fashion. You can simply rent out the latest fashion and return them. It will free you from the guilt of spending too much on short-lived trends and moreover save your closet space, along with your money. Not only is it good for your pocket but also for the environment, as it will prevent a lot of clothes from ending up in landfills.

                                                                 Red floral cotton silk gown 



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